Yes, its back again… Todd Standings first video, showing tracks, a growling Sasquatch, a shaking tree and some canned dialogue.



Screen cap of Sylvanic Video 1

It appeared in 2005 on the Sylvanic site with not many details. First impression from the Bigfoot research community was it was a hoax, but thanks to some great background research by some, (including one by the name “Pragmatic Theory”) the circumstantial evidence against Standing being involved, and that the film was a hoax was very apparent.


Prior to this video appearing on the web, approximately five months earlier, this ad was found in a Canadian periodical seeking actors and actresses.

audition ad 1


When Standing released his second video, the first video and its explanation soon disappeared and was forgotten, with the second more believable video. There was never any explanation as to why, or what happened to the video.

This past week I was made aware that a YouTube user had found the video and it resurfaced with the same age old questions. Well here’s the answer.

As a side note, it appears that after Standing’s “disappearance and rescue,” his new films depicting a stoic figure purported to be a Sasquatch, STanding has remained relatively dormant.

Rumors are abound about his involvement in the Erickson Project, and or the Ketchum study, butt there has been no noted web update according to, since January 2011.


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