Tonight at midnight EST the Facebook Find Bigfoot group will release what some are claiming to be a thermal video of a Sasquatch.

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On September 14th, 2012 the Bigfoot Evidence Blog released this information about the video:

Breaking: FB/FB’s Bigfoot authentication video will contain 20 seconds of ground breaking thermal footage

“Are you ready for a clear video of Bigfoot? According to our source, it’s probably the best thermal footage of Bigfoot to date and it is 20 seconds of ground breaking evidence.

Our source tells us the video belongs to his father on the east coast and they’ve had it for a while. He said they originally sent it to Facebook Find Bigfoot for authentication but there was a miscommunication and FB/FB thought it would be OK to release it without their permission.

"For some reason they thought they could put it out. We never intended on them releasing it. We are in the middle of an investigation which we have gathered hair, audio and video," our source said.

The footage is supposedly very clear and shows the creature standing by a tree. In their recreation, they’re 80% sure they found the right tree. Although the recreation has been done for a while now, they’re still collecting more evidence. The footage won’t be released until everything is done right said our source.

"We are in the middle of an investigation which we have gathered hair, audio and video. The stuff will come out when we are done. We hate that there was a misunderstanding. It was not our intention."

Our source says this footage is going to be released, just not anytime soon.
"The video is really good though and it will be worth the wait."

                                                                Bigfoot Evidence Blog 9/14/2012

Will it live up to its billing or expectations?

Stay tuned, we’ll have more on this in a little over an hour.


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