Well folks the video is in and can be seen in its entirety at Facebook FindBigfoot.


Still of video, depicting the alleged creature (on right) looking at the tent.

Okay I must say this one is more compelling than I’ve seen before, the reason? I’ve experienced the critters near the camp sites I use in my research area.

Facebook FIndBigfoot video on YouTube.

However reality must sink in, and despite how this film appears, I’d like to see a raw video with the audio included, which this one lacks in lieu of analysis.

This video comes allegedly from the East Coast and a color version and audio, will be released at a supposed future press conference.

The video was not a thermal image as first reported by The Bigfoot Evidence Blog, but actually a black and white version of what was originally a color video.

It is a cool video, perhaps even a real video. But unfortunately, it is not evidence enough, to prove a Sasquatch exists, because any critic, or non-believer can say this was a man in a suit outside the tent.

Perhaps had it been a close up body shot thermal image outside the tent then perhaps we would have had a good chunk of evidence.

However from a research standpoint, I will wait to hear the witness speak of the encounter, and then judge such.

As stated before, from a personal standpoint, this is very much Sasquatch behavior exhibited in the video, rummaging through a camp “after hours.” Some of my experiences on an expedition in May, which can be viewed here, are similar in nature to this behavior.

Again we all have to wait and hear the complete back story, because a film is only as good as the story behind it.

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