I recently read a post by blogger Robert Lindsay, whom on occasion has come up with a gem or two.

The post speculated whether or not The Ketchum Project bailed out Erickson.

Lindsay writes: 

“Erickson built a large real estate development in British Columbia called Ruby Ridge… Erickson was having a hard time selling homes due to the downturn in the housing market…

He had promised buyers are variety of amenities for their lots including phone and cell coverage, water, sewage lines and roads. With no more money coming in, he was unable to provide these amenities. Through no fault of Erickson’s, his lot buyers were left holding the bag.

Things looked grim. The prospect of bankruptcy for the business and foreclosure on Erickson’s very nice home loomed. I’m not divulging too much personal information here as most of this has already been reported in the British Columbia press.

Here it is, 9 months later, and everything has changed. Early in the year, Erickson apparently took his Bigfoot documentary to Hollywood where it was worked on with post-production editing.

In the interim, Erickson’s financial problems seem to have evaporated or at least gotten much better. The word we have is that financially, things are going quite well…

This does not make sense. The housing market in BC has not returned since last fall, so he’s not selling anymore homes than he was then. How did he get the money to send the doc to Hollywood to have it worked on? It makes no sense, because at the time it was down there, Erickson was flat broke.

…Logically, none of this makes any sense. The only way this could have happened is that an unknown person or persons with a lot of money stepped in and got Erickson out of his hole by sending a lot of money his way, either via gift or investment.

I suspected that Wally Hersom gave Erickson the cash to get him out of the hole he was in and send the documentary down to Hollywood.
However, when I asked around, a source close to Hersom emphatically told me that he strongly doubted that Hersom had either bailed Erickson out or even given him the money to take his doc to Hollywood to have it worked on.

There is suspicion that Ketchum is now the owner of Erickson’s footage, but it has been impossible to firm. However, it does remain a hunch of mine for reasons I cannot divulge.”

                                                                        – Robert Lindsay 9/14/12

Source: Robert Lindsay’s Blog


Adrian Erickson

So I started looking into the matter to see if I could find any facts to his recovery rather than a speculative one. After a few Google searches, I learned that Erickson’s bail out had nothing to do with Sasquatch, or any project at all,



Posted on 18 April 2012 by Keith Lacey, OsoyoosTimes.com

 Ron Palmer manager of Osoyoos Mountain Estates, LTD.

The deal to acquire 3,300 acres of land within the Regal Ridge development is part of an agreement with the numbered company 590335 B.C. Ltd., a company owned by Adrian Erickson. The acquisition includes nearly all of the conservation area, which is a key Regal Ridge community amenity, said Palmer.

The deal will see Ventures North take back a large chunk of land from Erickson in lieu of debt the company still owes to lenders, said Palmer….

…Erickson said he’s very pleased OMEI and Ventures North have been able to reach this agreement.

“I have spent a decade of goodwill and hard work trying to build the mountain into something special and I don’t want to see that work die,” he said. “This deal is the best deal for this project moving forward for everyone involved.”

Erickson said he’s “very very close” to finalizing a deal with another lender to provide funding to Regal Ridge so he can provide electricity to the affected property owners in question.”

Source: Osoyoos Times


Although no money changed hands, debts were forgiven in lieu of giving up the land that was so costly to Erickson.

In November 2011, Erickson was quoted by the Osoyoos Times that he was going through downsizing and restructuring through this rough patch.

However, the more logical explanation of why Erickson is fairing a bit better is this.

  • He couldn’t afford a legal battle with Ketchum, so he teamed with her and let her take the lead on the DNA, devoting more time to projects that actually earn income.
  • The turning over of land in lieu of debt to Osoyoos Mountain Ltd. (Surely putting some of the legal problems on hold, at the very least for the interim.)
  • His disappearance, was not a “disappearance,” he’s concentrating on his business, which as some of us researchers know, we have to do from time to time. Ha!

While Lindsay’s leap was not necessarily a huge one, the reality of  Erickson’s rebound is being a businessman, knowing when to drop back 5 yards and punt. The record is in print, nothing to do with Bigfoot DNA studies or Hollywood film studios.

The purpose of this blog is not to advocate for Melba Ketchum, as she has her own actions at times to answer for, or to spurn Robert Lindsay, (this year he has done some good work) but rather dispelling another rumor which inundates the Bigfoot community from time to time.


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