Just to dispel an internet rumor that “50 Large” has been cancelled, it has not. There were some proofing issues that required attention, pertaining to margins and sizing of photos.

BookCoverPreview (1)

Now that has been fixed the printed proofs are on the way. I will review them and we should be good to go.

“50 Large” will be available on Squatchdetective.com, by following a link which will appear on the site as soon as the proof is a go for publishing.

Thanks everyone for their patience, being the first time out of the gate for an author I got a little premature on the date, but we should be good!

I’m already penning a second book, “What Would Sasquatch Do?” covering case studies of Sasquatch reports I and others investigated that fit into a behavior pattern, useable to researchers. Hoping to have that released by late summer/early fall.

Till Next Time,