So many times, we all get caught up in emotions and drama. The last few months of me blogging, have been mostly about that.

Well it’s time to switch gears, it’s time to talk about what got me into the research field…Bigfoot!

Now there’s been a lot of conjecture about DNA and such. To that, I say, well if and when the report comes out, it comes out. The same goes for the Erickson Project.

For me it is business as usual. I refuse to add to the gossip lines anymore. I refuse to rise to the bait of the bad guys. We all know whom I despise. The thing is, I don’t need to give them any undue attention. The certainly don’t deserve it.

SteveandzoomGrowl Spectogram

Yes I will still gather intelligence, and call a hoax a hoax, when it should surface. Never fear the Hall of Shame, will still be there. I dropped the old blog, not of any accord but my own. I would not, nor will not bow down to bullies, no matter what shape or form they come in.

For me this is where it starts and all ends. Analysis, research and investigation. I am at the point in my life, where continuing to rattle on about sycophants and people whom talk big, just aren’t worth my precious time any longer.

So look forward to seeing some interesting articles and perhaps some debate on our hairy friends of the forests!

Till Next Time,